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What base preparation is required for a home putting green

How To Create The Perfect Base For Your Home Putting Green

Creating a home putting green is a dream for many golf enthusiasts, and fortunately, artificial grass offers a convenient and low-maintenance solution. However, before you can start enjoying your golf oasis, you must remember that it requires careful planning, and some attention to detail. Perhaps the most important aspect of your green is the proper planning of the base. So read on as we delve deeper into creating the perfect base for your home putting green.

Planning Your Home Putting Green

Before you dive into the installation process of your greens, it’s essential to plan out your home putting green thoroughly. Consider the following when you begin!

Location & Design

Choose an area in your backyard that is spacious enough to accommodate your putting green. A level location will be easier, as building it on a hill will require more work.

Once the location is decided, next step is to decide on the shape and size of your putting green. You can go for a classic rectangular design or get creative with curves and contours for a more unique shape to suit your aesthetic. Once this is complete, you can move on to the base foundation of your putting green!

Installing the 100 mm Base Course

The base for your home putting green course serves as a stable foundation that determines your green’s performance and longevity. Here’s what the ideal base would require.

For a Stable Surface

One of the primary roles of the base course is to provide stability. When properly compacted, it creates a solid, unyielding surface that ensures your putting green remains level and smooth. This is paramount for consistent and accurate putting strokes. A wobbly or uneven surface can throw off any golfer’s game.

For Ideal Base Composition

For the best results, the base course should be composed of specific materials. Starting with 20 mm crushed rock lays the groundwork for stability. This crushed rock is not only sturdy but also helps with drainage due to its permeable nature.

After this, the surface needs a thorough screeding and contouring with a 7 mm base course. This step fine-tunes the surface, making it level and ready to receive the artificial turf.

For Water Drainage

The base, once compacted, must provide a level, smooth surface and that also accounts for water to drain, to ensure that your artificial grass remains in top condition.

Shaping Your Putting Green

Shaping is another important step in the base preparation process. It involves creating contours and slopes that mimic the natural terrain and curves of a real golf green. By carefully shaping the base, you can enhance the realism and playability of your putting green.

To achieve the desired shape, we’d strongly recommend that you seek professional help for two simple reasons –


Professional landscapers or artificial grass installation companies have the expertise and experience to sculpt the base course accurately. By enlisting the services of a putting green installation professional, you can be sure that all the nitty gritty details are taken care of and accounted for with precision. They know how to measure, excavate and grade the area to create a smooth surface for the artificial grass. Be sure to choose a service that has extensive experience with residential putting green projects too.

No matter the size of your putting green dream, big or small, a qualified group of professionals can make it happen. In a recent project in Kohimarama, we turned a small lawn into a fantastic green space. We added artificial grass along the side of the house, created a separate landscaped lawn, and even installed a practice putting green using our TeamPutt specialist golf turf. Your home putting space, no matter how compact, can be customised to perfection.


They possess specialised products and equipment that ensure precise shaping and contouring, creating a realistic and playable surface. This includes excavation machinery, levelling equipment, edging materials and more.

The key to the perfect base is professional assistance! Creating the perfect base for your home putting green involves meticulous planning, proper installation of the 100mm base course, and expert shaping.

Reach out to the experts and you will soon be enjoying countless hours of golfing in the comfort of your own home for a long time! Teamturf is happy to help transform your backyard into a stunning and functional putting green. Begin that putting practice now, and call us today!

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