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Alex and Corbans home

You may recall seeing Alex and Corban on TV back in 2014, when they deservedly won The Block 2014.  This successful duo now own three A & C Homeware Stores in Auckland and run another successful business as well.

The couple embarked on their new house build around 5 years ago after purchasing the land on Auckland’s North Shore, it was a long and often challenging journey for them, but I think you will agree the effort has well and truly paid off.

This couple are perfectionists, you can see this in every detail within their stunning home. Corban searched for a long time for the perfect artificial grass solution, and we’re pleased he managed to find this in our Esteem 40 landscaping product. The couple used polystyrene blocks to backfill the large void and  raise the area to the appropriate levels – underneath this is the retaining wall that supports their lower level. As there is no soil, the couple chose artificial grass as the best solution and it has become one of the best decisions they have made throughout the process they say.

It is one of their most used spaces – their young children have a clean and dry area to play on all year round and the couple also cleverly designed a small trampoline into the void area at ground level – a safe and visually appealing option.

You can read more about their journey and see their full house reveal at




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