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Does artificial grass get hot?

We are often asked, does artificial turf get hot?

Like most man-made materials with direct heat in the middle of summer, yes artificial grass does get hot.

Just like going for a walk along a sandy beach in the middle of a hot sunny day, walking along a concrete footpath or over a wooden deck, when the sun is directly overhead and there is no shade on these surfaces, they will all get too hot to comfortably walk on without footwear, at certain periods of the day during the hottest summer months. Artificial grass should be treated in the same manner.

What can you do to reduce the temperature of artificial grass?

While the sand infill within the synthetic turf will help disperse the heat, and in some situations you can hose the turf down to reduce the surface temperature, this is not an ongoing feasible solution. Where possible we do advise the use of shade over the artificial grass area especially when used in childcare or school playground situations. There is no correlation (that we are aware of) that the length of the artificial turf fibres has any relevance on the surface temperature of artificial grass.

COOLplus® and how it can help

However, some products within Teamturfs’ range incorporates the exclusive COOLPlus® technology. This was developed with the harsh environmental conditions of New Zealand in mind and is designed to improve the comfort as well as the durability of artificial grass by reflecting infrared pigment and reducing the surface temperature up to 20%. Sunlight is comprised of a wide spectrum of radiation including visible light, UV radiation and infrared. Infrared radiation causes molecular vibration, which translates into heat energy when it is absorbed by an object. Products incorporating the COOLPlus® Technology do not absorb infrared rays, resulting in less molecular vibration and cooler surface temperatures.

Other added benefits of our COOLPlus® Technology is that it reduces the typical glossy sheen of artificial grass fibres, and is softer to touch and less abrasive than other artificial grasses.

When choosing your artificial grass, particularly when it comes to young children or pet areas, we do suggest you think carefully about the factors above. Where possible, incorporate some shade over parts of your turf and choose from our exclusive COOLplus® range where possible.

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