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Everglade School

This 2,400sqm artificial turf  project at Everglade School is unique to our school multi-use surfaces in that it caters primarily for soccer, futsal and touch rugby. Our typical school multi-use surfaces are short pile sand filled turf surfaces that cater for tennis, netball, basketball and hockey. Everglade Schools’ surface is a 40mm Polyethylene turf surface infilled with sand and rubber granules providing a softer and more forgiving surface underfoot, hence more suited to soccer and touch rugby.
This was a full construction job starting from a natural grass ‘green fields’ site which was usually wet and unusable during winter months. After removal of the topsoil layer an extensive network of subsoil drains was installed to provide the very best drainage keeping the new turf in tip condition all year round. The new turf is laid on a clean basecourse sub-base which is strong and permeable, providing the ultimate free draining surface for the students at Everglade School.
The new turf can be used with shoes, short studded boots and or bare feet depending on the level of competition be it social or inter-school. An amazing new asset for Everglade School and the local community.
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