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Golf Turf

Residential Putting Greens

Teamturf have trialled the very best synthetic turf golf putting surfaces from all over the world, and we believe the Team Putt surface replicates the very best of a natural grass golf green. Team Putt provides an exceptionally true ball roll and realistic speed, providing the greatest addition to your back yard ready for hours of fun… and a superior short game once you hit the golf course!!

Our skilled technicians will install the required drainage below the surface and shape the finished surface to your liking, flat sections and other areas with challenging burrow to test those left to right and right to left breakers. Cup placement is critical to allow players of all abilities to enjoy time on the green. Surrounding longer pile landscaping turf will allow chipping practise as well as acting as a back stop for those putts hit a little harder than required!

A Team Putt surface requires little to no maintenance allowing you to spend more time working on your game, add value to your property and less weekends working in the garden.

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