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Ki-o-rahi for Hoani Waititi

Hoani Waititi School underwent a remarkable transformation with the installation of two brand new artificial turf courts. These amazing new facilities are set to engage its students in physical activity, offering a multitude of sporting opportunities for the school community.

The school courts both feature traditional Ki-o-rahi linemarkings that pay homage to this unique Maori sport. Kiorahi is a fast-paced and exhilarating game that combines elements of rugby, football, and handball. With the new court, students will be able to fully immerse themselves in the cultural significance of Kiorahi, fostering a deep appreciation for their heritage and promoting teamwork and collaboration.

In addition to Ki-o-rahi, the courts are also equipped with netball and basketball markings. This versatility allows the students to explore a diverse range of sports and encourages them to develop their skills in different disciplines. These courts have already become a hub of activity, buzzing with the energy and enthusiasm of students engaging in friendly matches, play, dance and competitive tournaments.

To ensure the utmost comfort and safety for the students, the artificial turf selected for these courts is our Probounce COOLplus. The innovative technology in this artificial turf sports surface incorporates cooling properties, reducing the surface temperature of the turf and creating a more comfortable playing environment. 

The introduction of these two artificial turf sports courts at Hoani Waititi School marks an exciting chapter in the school’s sporting history. It not only provides a platform for students to engage in traditional Maori sports but also fosters a sense of pride in their cultural heritage.

With Probounce COOLplus ensuring optimal playing conditions, these courts will undoubtedly become a vibrant and thriving center for sports and physical activities for years to come.

Products used on this project:

  • Probounce COOLplus London blue
  • Probounce COOLplus Green

If you are looking to upgrade your school court and would like to discuss the project with us, please Click here to contact us.

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