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Tennis Sand 25kg bags

$20.56 inc GST

For better performance and longevity, treat your turf to premium Kiln Dried Tennis Sand. Available now in convenient 25kg bags. Each artificial turf requires different amounts of sand infill per square metre. Refer below to get the right quantity of sand for your specific turf type.

*Important Note: Sand can only be ordered along with turf. Kindly refrain from purchasing sand alone, as such orders will be declined.*

How much sand does your turf need?

  • Fresh-cut/Springtime 25 = 10kg per sq m.
  • Summer Cool/Natural 35/Comfort Plus = 15kg per sq m.
  • Esplanade 40/Premium Lush = 18kg per sq m.
  • Team Putt = 7kg per sq m.
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