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ProPlaySP Technical Underlay

ProPlaySP is a top performance shock and drainage pad and is the perfect basis for high quality artificial grass systems for sports fields, multi-sport and play areas.

The characteristics of ProPlaySPaddresses the demand for various specific sport/play technical requirements and can therefore be used for recreational activities such as soccer, rugby, hockey, netball, basketball or general play areas.

Stable, no wearing off and drainage capacities
ProPlaySP is a sport/play technical under layer which has been developed by Schmitz Foam Products through intensive research and stands out due to its unique properties: an environmentally-friendly and sustainable product that features excellent drainage, long term stability and wear off resistance.

Playing in all weather conditions
ProPlaySP  excels because playing characteristics stay on a constant level in all weather conditions. It can be played on in summer-and wintertime regardless of the climate.  ProPlaySP is suitable for every sport or playground in all conditions

Easy installation
ProPlaySP panels are produced with a jigsaw structure and most importantly include expansion slits so it can expand and contract in all weather conditions providing a stable base without stressing the turf surface. Thanks to its firm and strong qualities it is also quite simple to mechani­cally install the grass or replace an old artificial lawn.

Safe and responsible 

The unique properties of ProPlaySP guarantee sport can be played in a safe and responsible way. Eg- Soccer requires comfort underfoot without being too soft and energy sapping. However, sports like rugby require impact absorption when falling from a lineout or impact on the ground during a heavy tackle. And in the case of field hockey an appropri­ate ball bounce and ball roll is more important.

Certified superb quality
ProPlaySP  meets the highest quality demands set by professional sporting associations such as FIFA, FIH, GAA, AFL and World Rugby. Profound technical expertise, an advanced production process and continuous ongoing product control at Schmitz Foam Products guarantee constant quality and set the international standard for present and future generations of sport fields.

25 year warranty
Sustainability, environmental awareness and respon­sible undertaking are common values at Schmitz Foam Products. ProPlaySP is made from recycled, closed-cell crossed-linked polyethylene through a sustainable process in which the burden on the environment is minimal. In comparison with thermal recycling ProPlaySP saves an incredible 6 kg CO2- emission per²!

Return on investment
With a 25 year guarantee and a life expectancy of over 100 years ProPlaySP has a higher return on investment than any other sport technical underlayer.

No burden on environment
ProPlaySP is sustainable and in no way a burden on the environment, without any objection it can be applied in ecologically vulnerable areas.

Reduction on rubber infill
By applying ProPlaySP in a sport technical system, rubber infill can be reduced drastically or even ignored. This will lead to an additional advantage for the environment.

Sustainable buying
ProPlaySP can be re-used at the end of its life cycle -this is one of the reasons it meets all demands regarding sustainable buying.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly, recycled.

ProPlay Overview Video

ProPlaySP Thicknesses

ProPlay 15mm

ProPlay 15mm

ProPlay 25mm

ProPlay 25mm

ProPlay 35mm

ProPlay 35mm

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