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St Marys School Rotorua

St Marys School in Rotorua recently upgraded their asphalt courtyard area into a vibrant and comfortable space for the students to enjoy.

The School chose to incorporate their school house colours into the turf, and have used olive green, yellow, blue and red squares throughout the turf area to reflect this. They have also taken the opportunity while our team were on-site to upgrade some various landscaping areas around the school, which had previously been a narrow, muddy patch of natural grass.  Upgrading an old asphalt or tiled courtyard is often very simple, and with a few minor patches we can lay our artificial turf straight over the top. As this school has done, it is an excellent way to brighten a dull space, or incorporate your school brand or house colours. We have a large range of coloured turf to choose from in our COOLplay range.

If you are looking to upgrade your school court and would like to discuss the project with us, please Click here to contact us.

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