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Whangamata childcare transformation

Transforming a childcare playground from old rubber mats to an artificial grass playground surface can be a game-changer for both the children and the staff.

Safety is paramount in a childcare setting, and artificial grass helps create a safer environment for children. The rubber mats, commonly found in older playgrounds, can quickly become worn out and unstable, leading to potential tripping hazards. In contrast, artificial grass provides a soft and cushioned surface, reducing the likelihood of injuries from falls. Its shock-absorbing properties make it an excellent choice for active play, giving parents and caregivers peace of mind knowing that their children are playing on a safe and secure surface.

The team at Rainbow Cottage Early Childhood Centre are over the moon with the transformation of their playground area.

On the ramp they have used our Rio Green Coolplay turf for a pop of colour, and our standard Coolplay Green turf elsewhere.



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