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Installing artificial grass over concrete or pavers in schools

Can you lay artificial turf over a concrete courtyard?

Many schools in New Zealand have concrete or paved areas that have over the years become cracked and broken. In addition to looking dull and unsightly, the broken concrete can lift and become a trip hazard for students and teachers alike.

Depending on the state of disrepair, it is possible that your existing surface can be relevelled or patched using a levelling compound. Once the area has been repaired to a satisfactory standard, we are in most cases able to lay our artificial grass straight over the top of the existing concrete or pavers.

There are many artificial grass options to choose from, be it a traditional longer pile landscaping product through to a shorter pile coloured turf from our COOLplay playground range. The benefits of using a shorter pile artificial turf for a courtyard area is that it is more suited for children wishing to use wheeled toys (scooters, bikes etc) and for ball games. We have thirteen coloured turf options in our COOLplay turf range, from bright pink though to neon green, royal blue or field green. Our coloured turf is perfectly suited to incorporate your school brand colours or to inject some life and vibrancy into your courtyard area!

A longer pile artificial turf provides more of a traditional landscaped look and is often used in areas where the students may gather or sit to eat their lunch. We have converted many areas of natural grass that become wet and muddy in the winter months or dry and dusty in the summer. This artificial grass is intended to blend seamlessly into the natural environment, and be a practical solution to utilise all areas of your school grounds. Whatever option you choose will result in a space that looks great, is comfortable to walk on and will last you for many years to come.

If you are looking to maximise the space within your school grounds,  Contact us now to discuss what artificial grass is best for your project.

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