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Proplay® shockpad and turf for playground surfacing

What is the best playground surface?

Safety in a children’s playground is of paramount importance – we all want our children to have fun exploring, climbing and adventuring as this provides them with important life lessons, but there are certain safety criteria when building a new playground, or refurbishing an existing playground that need to be considered.

One of the most important factors is the type of playground surface or playground flooring used so that should a fall occur, the impact to the playground floor is as cushioned as possible to minimise injury.

Our exclusive Proplay® Shockpad used underneath our teamturf artificial grass is the ideal option to ensure all Head Impact Criteria (HIC) are met. The playground safety pad is available in different thicknesses in order to achieve all relative fall height requirements. ProPlay® for Playgrounds is designed to provide fall protection for playing children and other playground users against head injuries. ProPlay® for Playgrounds is made of thermal bonded (closed-cell) crosslinked polyethylene foam (XPE). This foam is made in Holland and made of recycled product, originating from production residues and contains no contaminants. ProPlay® for Playgrounds is a vital part of the artificial grass system for playgrounds. The product performs in all weather conditions and is renowned for its excellent water permeability and comes with a 25 year guarantee! You will not find a better product on the market.

Once the Proplay® pad is installed we will install a final layer of Teamturf artificial grass to provide additional safety and visual appeal. This may be a longer pile landscaping artificial grass which gives a natural look and  feel, or a vibrant and colourful turf from our Coolplay colour range of artificial turf – there are 12 bright and engaging coloured turf to choose from!

Whether you have an old playground filled with bark that is dirty and difficult to maintain, or rubber playground matting or tiles that has become dislodged and unsafe, we can convert your playground to a modern, inclusive, fun and safe playground for the children to enjoy for many years using our Proplay Pad and artificial turf for Playgrounds .

If you want the best playground surface for your investment,   Contact us now to discuss artificial grass and Proplay for playgrounds for your next project. Check out our Playground page for some inspiration on your playground design.


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