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What artificial turf is best for our school sports court?

At Teamturf, we get asked this question nearly every day and we understand that being responsible for choosing the right surface for your school court can feel like an overwhelming decision.

Generally there are only a few things you need to consider when making the decision:

  • How large is your school and therefore how much use will your school court get?
  • Are you installing your turf at a primary, intermediate or high school?
  • What are the predominant sports your school court will be used for?
  • Will your sports court be used by the wider community?

The factors above have a bearing on what artificial grass surface we will recommend to you. You will not be pressured to go with the most expensive product – the surface we suggest will be based on the answers you provide to some of the above questions along with what you want to achieve out of your multi-use court. All of our products are designed to accommodate and withstand New Zealand’s weather conditions and when an artificial turf has been installed correctly on a stable base with a slight fall, your surface will be able to be used all throughout the year.

When it comes to choosing your surface, you will also need to consider what colour artificial turf you would like. This decision can be based around your school brand colours, what setting your court is situated in, or simply what colours you think look best. We have installed bright red artificial sports courts, courts with purple surrounds through to traditional green and olive.

Then comes the decision of what line-markings to include in your court area, and again this will come down to what sports are predominantly played at your particular school and what size court area you have available. This will generally include netball, basketball, tennis, and hockey, along with including some small areas for games along the side,  perhaps 4-square or tapu-ae or hopscotch.

While there are a lot of decisions to make, the end result is a facility that will last your school and pupils many, many years of enjoyment.

For further inspiration, please watch the video attached of some recent court installations.





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