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What sports court linemarkings to include?

What linemarkings should I include on our sports court?

An astro turf multi-use sports court often uses different coloured turf and incorporates line- markings for several different sports. This increases the usability of the court and encourages more students to play sports. The majority of artificial grass multi-use sports courts allow for basketball, netball and tennis on a single court. However the options are endless, and often include volleyball, four square, hopscotch, hockey, dodgeball, futsal, Tapu Ae or Ki o Rahi.

When designing your sports court, note it is possible to custom design sports line markings for any sport or game you choose. The majority of line-markings are manufactured into the turf using a different coloured yarn, at the time of production. However, some lines are unable to be manufactured on the machine and need to be cut in on-site by our highly experienced installation teams, such as a crossline, an arc or a circle.

Choosing line-markings to incorporate into your new multi-use sports turf is normally determined by your preferred sporting codes. Our most popular options include: Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Ki o Rahi, Tapu ae, Hopscotch, Four Square.

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