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Why use a shockpad under sports turf?

Why use our 15mm foam underlay on a sports turf surface?

ProPlay® shockpad is one of our flagship products for good reason.

Our exclusive, recycled ProPlay® shockpads are often used underneath our turf in playgrounds, sports courts and sports fields. All ProPlay® products are made of quality foams that no longer have a meaningful purpose in their particular industries. These foams come from industries such as the automotive, packaging, medical, sports and leisure and construction industries. This provides the perfect raw material for high-quality shock pads and drainage pads and prevents them ending up in landfills or incinerators. ProPlay® pad is available in several different thicknesses, predominantly 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 70mm.

What is the 15mm pad used for?

Our 15mm ProPlay® shockpad foam underlay is often used underneath school multi-purpose sports courts, cricket bowlers run-ups, and under soccer and rugby fields. Its’ main purpose is shock absorbancy; to reduce the force and impact on joints, knees, ankles and hips. It will make the surface softer and easier to play on providing optimal conditions and performance for longer periods of time.

ProPlay® Shockpad is ideal for high impact sports or where there is a risk of falling – but you will need to give consideration to what sports are being played on the turf surface. For example, using a sports foam underlay underneath your artificial turf is great for netball and hockey, but it will reduce the ball bounce for tennis. While this can be customised somewhat by adding more sand, it is worth considering what the intended predominant sports codes are.

ProPlay is guaranteed for 25 years, so while the turf layer may not last this long, when it comes time to replacement it would be highly likely a new turf could be laid directly over the old shockpad, meaning the initial financial outlay is well worth the investment over time.

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