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Can you install artificial grass on balconies, pavers or decks

Can you install artificial turf on pavers or on a deck?

With houses and section sizes becoming smaller the traditional backyard has so many more functions it needs to fulfil to meet the modern homeowner.

Apartment buildings for example, will often have a balcony that is made of butanol or a similar substance. Residents of these apartments often ask for artificial grass as a way of making the area look a little more natural in order to place a table and chairs, or to perhaps use the  area for their pets to play or toilet. Most balconies are built with a natural fall in order to drain water away, and as such artificial grass is a good solution to lay in this type of situation. In most circumstances, the artificial grass can be installed directly onto the balcony with little to no preparation required – if there are any small depressions in the deck, these may be levelled out using a base patching compound prior to installation of the artificial grass.

Small courtyards with concrete or paving stones are also a popular inclusion in many backyards in New Zealand. Over time however, these can become worn and unsightly and a popular way of giving the area a facelift is by covering the paving stones  with artificial grass.  Artificial turf can be glued directly on to concrete – a special adhesive is used to secure the grass around the edges. It is important to note that the condition of the pavers or concrete needs to be satisfactory. If the pavers or asphalt are heavily cracked or uneven, this will not be a viable long term solution to consider as, just like any project, base preparation is paramount.

Wooden decking is another substrate becoming  more popular to cover with artificial turf. As decking naturally has small gaps between the timber boards, this will assist with getting the water away from the area. Teamturf artificial grass also has perforations in the backing membrane which will also assist in this regard.  As the timber deck is covered and will not completely dry out in the winter months, it would be expected that this may lead over time to the timber deteriorating faster than it would if it were left uncovered. Therefore it is important to consider that installing grass on a timber deck may reduce the life expectancy of your timber decking. It is however still a very  popular DIY option.

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