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How do you join artificial grass together

How do you join two pieces of artificial grass together?

We’ve all seen bad artificial grass installations – A base that has not been compacted and levelled properly, cheap turf that has been laid incorrectly and not joined together satisfactorily. It is not a nice sight!

In this video, we wanted to highlight the importance of joining the turf together – a lot of people have different ideas about this, but without a doubt, it is a very important step in the process and it needs to be done properly.

Unlike some others in the industry, we will never use garden pins to join our turf – the base can move over time and if it is held together by pins only, the joins will move apart. This looks unsightly and makes it prone to weeds germinating in the open gap.

Teamturf standard process is to use a special cloth joining tape and turf adhesive. When centred between the two pieces of turf, this creates a strong and reliable bond that will not pull away with movement of the base (providing the base has been constructed properly as well. please refer to our other articles).

In this video we show you how to meet the two pieces of turf so that they come together seamlessly. When artificial turf is installed correctly, it should be very difficult to spot the  joins in your landscaping installation!

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