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Is artificial turf good for wet areas?

Artificial turf is the perfect solution for traditionally wet areas around your home, school or commercial buildings. With the right base preparation and suitable drainage installed, teamturf will provide a dry all-weather solution throughout the wet winter months.

So what is the right base preparation you ask?? Removal of the organic topsoil layer preferably down to a harder and stronger underlying material like clay, if the topsoil layer is too deep you’ll need to trim a minimum of 100mm of topsoil out then lay a geotextile cloth to separate the topsoil from the new basecourse layer.

Depending on the level of the existing area you may need to install some subsoil drainage, 60mm punched coil installed in scoria trenches every 5m will help to get the water away during heavy rain.

Once you have your clay or geotextile cloth trimmed with a suitable fall, you can start the next step and install approximately 75-85mm of GAP20 basecourse then screed level and compact with heavy roller or plate compactor. Once this layer is completed bring in the final 15-20mm of GAP7 for the final screed and compaction.

This system will provide a strong, stable and free draining base layer that will last the distance and keep your new teamturf lawn free of any standing water all year round. I used this design on my new 80sqm back yard and installed it level with no fall, in 2 years I’ve never seen any standing water on it even during the most torrential downpours.

If you need any further advise or a quote on the above design please call the experts at teamturf on 0508 836647.

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