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Tauhara Park Hamilton

Tauhara Park playground in Rototuna received a colourful revamp from Hamilton City Council. Our COOLplay coloured artificial  turf in purple, green and orange was installed over top of our 35mm recycled proplay safety pad.  The colours blend seamlessly with the playground equipment and create a vibrant and engaging play area for the children.

Incorporating artificial grass in your playground design is a wise decision –  bark is difficult to walk on, not to mention it is dirty and messy and requires ongoing maintenance and renewal. Rubber matting or rubber tiles tend to lift and distort over a relatively short period of time. Artificial grass is virtually maintenance free and will last between 10-15 years depending on usage – the shockpad underneath is guaranteed for 25 years! We can simply lift and replace the turf at a later stage straight over the existing shockpad – it is THAT good!.

Budget for a good quality playground surface from the very start – our COOLplay artificial turf is the best playground surface on the market!


You can view our  coloured turf Coolplay range here.

Another colourful and imaginative playground for the Waikato community!

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