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Artificial grass has become one of the most popular alternatives for playground surfaces. It’s ability to provide a safe, soft, clean and dry playing surface all year round in addition to its attractive appearance and low maintenance qualities ensures it will be the best decision you will make.

Teamturf has an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for your safety fall height requirements in council playgrounds, schools and childcare centres.

Our underlying ‘Proplay’ shockpad is exclusive to teamturf in NZ and is constructed from tiny pieces of recycled foam bonded together to form a soft but free draining porous pad. This pad combined with a surfacing layer of teamturf synthetic grass provides a usable playing surface all year round. Our certified safety fall height system meets the NZS5828:2015 safety standards up to a critical fall height (CFH) of 3.1m.

We have a range of grass options to choose from allowing a combination of different colors and textures to suit your environment. Our Proplay pad and grass can be laid onto most types of bases and will follow the contours of the base without cracking or damage.

Our range of playground products cater for endless applications

Teamturf playground surfaces come in a range of different pile lengths, colours and textures to suit everyone’s needs. Our traditional commercial grade 35mm longer pile surfaces are manufactured with tri-coloured green polyethylene yarns and an underlying brown thatch layer, giving these surfaces the appearance of natural turf. Manufactured using a range of the hardest wearing sports fibres, the teamturf playground surfaces are made to last and withstand the high foot traffic of any council or school playground. Ideal in natural outdoor settings, the 35mm teamturf surfaces are a perfect fit which complement the natural surroundings of any park or can be used to soften concrete or asphalt school play areas.

The most recent addition to the teamturf range is the ‘coolplay’ surface. This shorter pile 23mm texturised yarn surface has a carpet like appearance, providing the customer with seven different colour combinations to brighten up any playground area. Use one colour or all seven, or even combine your school colours with the natural green of the 35mm surfaces to create a safety surface with many contrasting textures……the options are endless! The final touch to these unique play areas can be added with a few lines for 4 square, hopscotch or use our Signgrass images to add a little extra.

Benefits of Proplay pad and Teamturf artificial turf:

  • 25 year guarantee on Proplay pad
  • 8 year guarantee on teamturf
  • Optimum impact absorption
  • Durable
  • Highly permeable
  • Exceptional drainage capabilities
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Range of colours available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No freezing or icing over of surface
  • Consistent performance all year round
  • Low maintenance


Ivory Spine


Coolplay Yellow

Coolplay Royal Blue

Coolplay Red

Coolplay Light Blue

Coolplay Purple

Coolplay Green

Coolplay Rust

Teamturf artificial turf surfaces for sport, play and home New Zealand star


Teamturf artificial turf surfaces for sport, play and home New Zealand cross section


Teamturf artificial turf surfaces for sport, play and home New Zealand fish


Teamturf artificial turf surfaces for sport, play and home New Zealand ball