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School Multi-Use Turf

At Teamturf we know it is every Principal’s responsibility to cater for the development and promotion of school sport in New Zealand; not only for the sporting benefits, but also for the educational, cultural and social benefits sport provides. This can be achieved with the help of Teamturf artificial grass playing fields and synthetic multi-sports courts. This eliminates wet and muddy winter sports fields or old and worn asphalt/concrete surfaces, and provides an all-weather  multi-use sports surface ready for play all-year round.

Teamturf also offer:

  • Perimeter fencing- either galvanised, black or green
  • Nets and hoops- Steel or aluminum, fixed or mobile units for all sports
  • Lighting- custom designed to meet your school’s site requirements
  • School logos or school colours for your turf
  • Hopscotch, 4-square, tapuwae or other games and designs for your sports turf

We can supply various nets, goals and other sports equipment for your multi-use sports field

Teamturf has a comprehensive range of artificial turf multi-use surfaces and designed for primary, intermediate and secondary schools. We have installed our artificial grass surfaces to over three hundred New Zealand schools since our inception in 2006.

Our team will discuss your needs and preferred sporting application, considering both the economic and performance criteria before we suggest which of our artificial turf surfaces is the best option for your school.  We can help you decide which artificial grass colours and line-markings to incorporate into your new multi-use sports turf – whether it be basketball, netball, hockey, tennis or all of these. Many of our primary and intermediate schools like to incorporate additional features such as hopscotch, tapu ae (tapuwae), four square and other signgrass options to get the most benefit from their multi-use sports court. In many cases we can provide you with a CAD drawing or 3d render to show you how your new synthetic school court will look.

Teamturf’s range include the trusted and proven 19mm sand filled synthetic turf surfaces including Satellite and Challenge, plus our extremely popular the top of the range Probounce Coolplus. The Probounce Coolplus surface uses the latest innovative yarn technology to provide a ‘cool yarn’ that reduces the temperature of the turf during the hot summer months. With very low sand infill and high yarn content, this unique surface provides a soft, cool and extremely durable multi-sport playing surface for all school court situations.

School Multi-Use Videos

Want ideas?? Watch a showcase of some of our school multi-use turf installations!

Watch the turf installation process at Everglade School in time-lapse!

School Multi-Use Products

Satellite Sports Turf


A 19mm surface designed for low to medium intensity use for private or school areas. This is a straight pile turf that has been used in Primary and Intermediate Schools around NZ for the last 35 years, this is a great entry level turf that will drain well and suit the requirements for most sports.

Challenge Sports Turf


Challenge is a 19mm surface designed for high intensity use. This 19mm pile combined with the high yarn content makes for a long lasting and hard-wearing surface. This surface has similar playing characteristics to the Satellite surface but with 10% more yarn, this turf will provide another 2-3 years of use in most schools.

Probounce Coolplus

Probounce Coolplus

A 16mm surface designed for ultimate school multi use area. The twisted yarn fibres and lower sand volume combined with a great range of colours gives the court great visual appearance. This texturised monofilament yarn fibre provides a non-directional turf for hockey ball roll and a consistent ball bounce for all other ball sports.

School Multi-Use Turf Projects

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